Holeman & Finch Continues To Flex It’s Burger Muscle [Quick Hits]

A good burger isn’t hard to find … a great burger is! Somewhat out of character for us, Atlanta actually has it’s fair share of top notch burger joints.  While the best burger in town is a hotly debated topic, the usual suspects always seem to end up in the discussion.  Holeman & Finch’s “Down Low Cheeseburger” is one such suspect.  Well, these brisket/chuck patties just got some more national attention.  The Food Network just published a 50 States, 50 Burgers report.  Georgia’s representative?  You guessed it!  More after the jump!

The “Down Low Cheeseburger” is no where to be found on the menu.  However, it is available in short order each night after 10pm.  For those who don’t like to venture out while vampires run amuck, you can show up on Sunday.  These suckers are available during H&F’s brunch service.  To further quench the thirst for these puppies – you can get a burger to go on Sunday’s. [Tip: you get a side of rings on Sunday in lieu of French fries].

Back to the burger itself: You get two brisket/chuck patties smothered in cheese… topped with house-made bread-and-butter pickles and slammed in between two slices of brioche.  Buttery, intense, and totally delish!  I know the goods when I see them … and this is where it’s at.  My two reservations about the burger: 1 – the patties are flattened a bit with a spatula.  2 – They don’t come medium rare!!!  The burgers are cooked until medium heat is achieved.  Still, these beef sandwiches are a thing of beauty.

Holeman & Finch  is definitely my favorite spot in the city right now.  The drinks are fantastic, the food is consistently tasty, and I love the people that run the place.  The vibe is kicking and as a late night dinning option – it stacks up with the best of them.  Once I waddle through my stack of reviews I am getting caught up on, I will wax foodetic about the adored H&F.

Here’s a little wine vid from Dirty on the place (photos by SavoryExposure.com):

Atlanta Bloggers On Holeman & Finch:

Holeman & Finch Restaurant Address & Information:
2277 Peachtree Rd NE #B, Atlanta, GA 30309 // P: 404.948.1175 // Holeman & Finch Website
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