Around The Corner: Opening Night At Abattoir Turns Phallic And A Meal At Pacci Ristorante

It’s late, I’ve knocked back a few, and there’s a game on … so I’m calling uncle for this evening.  I just rolled back in from the opening night at Abattoir, the new restaurant from those behind Atlanta favs Bacchanalia and Star Provisions.  The meal was knock me on my ass good.

This comes hot on the heals of last nights jaunt over at Pacci Ristorante.  After my unplanned chat with executive chef Keira Moritz, I was really looking forward to checking out the restaurant.  It didn’t disappoint.  To kill some time until I get my first impressions post up, check out my post about that conversation.  It was great to have a chat with a chef without having to worry about them knowing I might post something about it!

I’ll get at least one of the posts up tomorrow, with the other to follow shortly.  In the meantime, enjoy this phallic adaptation of the potted chicken liver and foie gras.  Topped with Armagnac and served with a side of grain mustard and a gherkin … it was freaking delish (though Paces 88’s take was a smidge better).   The decision to insert said pickle into the pâté was Mrs. Harrell’s and not the kitchens!!!!  Anyway, enjoy the eye candy … and a little peace from Adam’s better half.

abattoir 024

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