World’s Dumbest Food Report: BLT Steak’s Playoff Madness Special Is A Deal [Laugh Of The Day]

Sometimes, you just have to scratch your head and wonder.  Yesterday, CBS2 News out of Los Angeles ran another “Dining On A Dime” segment.  So what’s the best way to officially kill an already overused news theme?

Step 1: Pick a ridiculously expensive restaurant. See: BLT Steak (Bistro Laurent Tourondel) – CHECK
Step 2: Advertise a “great” deal on the restaurant’s Kobe burger – CHECK
Step 3: Don’t mention the price of one of the most overpriced meat hunks around – CHECK PLUS

It’s actually worse than that.  I only figured out the price by doing some investigative journalism on the video clip (1m27s mark).  Not only do they fail to mention the price during the segment but it appears this sucker will run you $28.  I can’t actually tell because the stupid overlay blocks the second number.  It’s either $28 or $29.  Hey, at least you get a beer and some fried taters to go along with your “Kobe” burger.  In what universe is a $28 burger a “good deal?”  Anyway, yuk it up over at  And no, I’m not dying to get back to ATLs version after my disastrous lunch there.

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