Cliff Does His Business At D.B.A. Barbecue

A couple of weeks ago, I hit up DBA Barbecue and then waxed poetic.  Today, Cliff Bostock did his civic duty over on Omnivore, his blog at Creative Loafing.  Checkout what Cliff had to say.  I think the two of us were sharing a brain on this one.  Amongst other good information, Bostock laments dry meat at DBA; that Fox Bros. is good but completely in consistent; and, that the best stuff at DBA has little to do with barbecue.

As a quick aside, there seems to be some concern over the lack of “smoking” done onsite.  These reasonable concerns were explained to me.  Supposedly, DBA can’t go outside with the smoker because of neighborhood zoning issues.  Meanwhile, Mr. Fire Marshall has some concerns about inside.  All I got to say to that excuse explanation is: come on now … that seems like information that was relevant and available BEFORE you signed the lease.

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