Riccardo Ullio’s Lupe Replaces Cuerno In Midtown [Openings]


Restaurateur Riccardo Ullio is perhaps best known for his two Inman Park flagships (Fritti and Sotto Sotto).  However, he has opened and operated multiple establishments under the “U Restaurants” umbrella.  His latest venture goes by the name of Lupe and has taken over for his now defunct Cuerno.  I haven’t been over to see the space, so I can’t comment on the digs.

While Cuerno was a restaurant that focused on Spanish themed tapas and small plates, Lupe does the same thing, only with Mexican inspired fare.  A handful of guacamole dishes account for a majority of the apps.  That section is rounded out with some queso fundido con chorizo (melted cheese with chorizo sausage) and some ceviche selections.  The entrée options include taco plates, quesadillas, an enchilada option, a chile relleno, and a few other selections.  Coming in between $10 and $15 per entrée, it’s hard to say if it’s a value … at least until we get a chance to see the quality and portion control.

I’m a bit surprised that you’re required to do three tacos at a time (and those come with the obligatory rice and beans), but I’m encouraged by the available selection of meats.  The options include barbacoa de chivo (goat) and lengua (beef tongue) amongst the more “expected” options.  Though a number of those selections are available at taquerias up BuHi, there aren’t any good nearby options … so that’s a plus.

Where Lupe might be best suited to succeed is in the liquor department.  Their list of tequilas (pdf) is extensive, and that might draw a crowd all by itself.  Even if it doesn’t, you can always check out Ullio’s Beleza, a drinking lounge that is essentially next door to Lupe.

Lupe Restaurant Address & Information

905 Juniper St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 // 678.904.4584 // Lupe website // Lupe menu (pdf)

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