Calling All Teen Cooks: The Art Institutes Best Teen Chef Competition


Parents … you’ve spent years taking care of your children.  You’ve reared them, fed them, bathed them, clipped them, and done just about everything you can for them.  Well, now is the time for payback.  After all, what good is a rug rat if you can’t make them work for you? (Who’s with me?)

Keeping that in mind, The Art Institutes is gearing up for its annual “Best Teen Chef Competition.”  This tiered culinary slugfest starts in April and concludes in May; the end result is that several lucky parents will have the opportunity to kick their kid(s) to the curb, and not feel so bad about that.

Luckily for GA, there are two locations here (ATL and Decatur), so that means two representatives.  Local winners will head off to Texas to compete for the title of grand puba and a handful of them will get some cash bling to help pave their way to culinary stardom.

You can checkout the competition homepage for full details, or you can just download the following pdf’s:

Download the Best Teen Chef Competition Official Rules and Regulations
Download a sample standardized recipe form
Download the Best Teen Chef brochure

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