UrbanSpoon Launches Android App [Food + Technology]

While this is a food blog, there is no doubt that the techie in me wants to take every opportunity to drop some nugget of wisdom every once in a blue moon.  Today is just such a day.  UrbanSpoon, a social review site for restaurants, just launched an Android version of their popular iPhone app.

For those of you with accounts (like me), you can use the app to login to the site and go about your daily business.  However, the coolest feature doesn’t require an account.  As you’ll see below, they have a slot machine toy.  Shake your phone, and US will suggest a nearby location for you to eat based on neighborhood, cuisine type, and budget.  Pretty slick and I’m glad they’ve ported the application over to the Android ecosystem.

For those of you who are still with me, this only works on Droid and Nexus One phones.  If you’ve got the barcode scanner, here’s the direct link to install:

Download UrbanSpoon:
download urban spoon


[via us]

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