Barak Obama Inauguration Cookies

While FoodieBuddha is not associated with any political ideology, movement, feeling, innuendo, or any other descriptive … I do know cool when I see it.  In the spirit of today’s activities … check this out: … Read more →

Dynamic Dish Offers Up Prix Fixe Tasting Meal for Obama Inauguration

For those of you looking to do something different on inauguration day, head down to Dynamic Dish in Edgewood.  The menu is prix fixe and will cost $35.00.  As such, you will have the opportunity … Read more →

President-Elect Obama Couldn’t Cut It As A Food Critic

Back in ought-one, Barak Obama was a guest on Check, Please, a local Chicago restaurant review show.  The show has since wised up and they plan to run the story on January 16, 2009.  CNN … Read more →