The Wine Bra: Where “Wine Rack” Takes On A Whole New Meaning [Laugh Of The Day]

Dudes like boobs.  Dudes like wine … dudes like boobs that can dole out wine.  Enter: The Wine Rack, a wearable wine dispenser.  For $29.95, will send you the worlds greatest over the shoulder … Read more →

Q: What Do You Get When You Combine Meat With Lasers? A: Business Cards [Meat Cards]

No … this is not a joke, but it should be! Here’s the deal: MeatCards will take beef jerky and sear your contact info on it with a 150 WATT CO2 laser.  Dumb? Absolutely!  Funny … Read more →

Death By Prosciutto: The Flaming Bacon Lance Battles The Vegan Cucumber Lance … Thanks Theo Gray [Laugh Of The Day]

If you are wondering why I only put up one other post today – it’s because I’ve been doubled over in painful laughter!  Who knew that ordinary, American bacon does not have the structural integrity … Read more →