The King Of Pops Goes To CNN [Videos]

Steven Carse, known to you and me as The King of Pops, just went from the sidelines to the headlines.  CNN just ran a little ditty on this fabricant de popsicle.  While I haven’t loved … Read more →

CNN Discusses The Difficulty Of Anonymity For Restaurant Critics

It should be no surprise that this article caught my eye.  Yesterday, CNN posted an article that discusses restaurant critics and their desire to remain anonymous.  Though I’m a blogger, not a critic, I found … Read more →

Dantanna’s Downtown In The CNN Center Opens

Dantanna’s Downtown is fully operational.  I was at the Hawks game last night, so we hit them up for both pre and post game beverages.  There are plenty of big TVs and the decor is … Read more →

President-Elect Obama Couldn’t Cut It As A Food Critic

Back in ought-one, Barak Obama was a guest on Check, Please, a local Chicago restaurant review show.  The show has since wised up and they plan to run the story on January 16, 2009.  CNN … Read more →