Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters [Sexified]

I love strange crap and this may be the strangest of all the crap I’ve found (at least crap related to food).  Anywho … what better way than to show your lady that you love … Read more →

Real Life Cookie Monster Robs Girl Scouts!

   Jerk! Some weenie stole $800 bucks from a few Girl Scouts!  On top of just being a major douche … he also wore a mask … what a weenie! [Via Consumerist] Technorati Tags: mean … Read more →

Barak Obama Inauguration Cookies

While FoodieBuddha is not associated with any political ideology, movement, feeling, innuendo, or any other descriptive … I do know cool when I see it.  In the spirit of today’s activities … check this out: … Read more →