Café Todahmgol: Get In My Belly

Writing about Café Todahmgol in Duluth is an exercise in frustration … I just get hungry.  Perhaps that is why I’ve never spent the time to relay my thoughts on this tucked away Korean restaurant … Read more →

Lana’s Express Restaurant Review – Duluth, GA [First Impressions]

Food stalls of all types dot food courts at American malls.  Inside these coliseums of consumption, you’ll often find Great Wraps and Sbarro and some childishly named cookie purveyor collectively peddling their wares.  By en … Read more →

Changes Afoot For Two Buford Highway Mainstays [Dead Pool]

A few days ago on my way up Buford Highway, a couple of changes to the Doraville section of the thoroughfare caught my attention. 1) 88 Tofu House is now closed.  If you’re the type … Read more →

What The Pho Restaurant Review – Duluth, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

What The Pho (actually spelled phở and pronounced fuh as in fuck – hey someone’s gotta say it!) is one of suburban Atlanta’s long standing Vietnamese restaurants.  It’s been in the Duluth/Gwinnett area for a … Read more →

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery Scheduled For Johns Creek In Late May

The Tilted Kilt is a Las Vegas based franchise that has been around since 2003.  They have roughly twenty locations open right now and another one is set for a May opening in Johns Creek, … Read more →

New Atlanta Restaurants Open On Schedule

So far, the February Dirty List has been pretty accurate.  I am not sure yet if I’m batting 100, but I think I am.  Miso Izakaya (internal) opened last night; I’m trying to get down … Read more →

The Dirty List: February 2009 Atlanta Restaurant Openings

The Dirty List is back!  New this month: Varasano’s Pizzeria, Miso Izakaya, Kozmo Gastro Pub, & Cha-cha Bongo.  More will be added soon!  So keep checking back! View Larger Map Technorati Tags: atlanta restaurant openings,miso … Read more →