Dynamic Dave Sweeney [Videos]

Growing up, the initials DD evoked memories of the Lee brother’s going all thug life with a set of baseball bats and a little bit of dynamite.  Yes, Double Dragon taught me how to whoop … Read more →

Dynamic Dish To Expand [News That Doesn’t Suck]

Big ups to Atlanta Magazine’s Bill Addison … who dropped this jewel on us via twitter.   Apparently, Dynamic Dish, everyone’s favorite healthy eating spot, is scheduled to expand in the spring.  According to Addison, DD will … Read more →

Hitting The Town With Your Peeps? Good Restaurants In Atlanta For Groups

A friend of mine was asking me for advice on where to go for her birthday.  I realized by the time we were done … that was good fodder for a post. This is by … Read more →

Dynamic Dish Offers Up Prix Fixe Tasting Meal for Obama Inauguration

For those of you looking to do something different on inauguration day, head down to Dynamic Dish in Edgewood.  The menu is prix fixe and will cost $35.00.  As such, you will have the opportunity … Read more →

Dynamic Dish Scores BIG!!!

Dynamic Dish, one of my favorite Atlanta restaurants (internal), was named the third best Modern Vegetarian Restaurant in the States.  This one is legitimate madames and monsieurs.  While there are thousands of top 10 lists, … Read more →

FoodieBuddha 2008 Atlanta Restaurant of the Year: Sushi House Hayakawa – Chamblee, Atlanta, GA

I am not so brazen as to assume that my word carries with it the clout that a post from someone like Jennifer Zyman or Cliff Bostock carries.  That aside, I do feel comfortable enough … Read more →