Cheesesteaks, Hot Dogs, and The LA Food Truck Paradigm

In my brief flirtation with Los Angeles food trucks, I manage to sample, or at least attempt to sample, four diverse offerings that each presented some insight into the current state of street food in LA.  … Read more →

LA Food Truck Review: Kogi Tacos

LA is the mothership of the current food truck rage that has seeped into America’s largest metropolises and bustling college towns.  In fact, Roaming Hunger, where we track food trucks from all over the country, … Read more →

Serious Eats Atlanta Food Truck Slideshow [RoamingATL]

We at Roaming Hunger do our best to keep up with what’s going on in the food truck world (Follow us via @RoamingATL and @RoamingHunger).  Thankfully, our job is often times made a bit easier … Read more →

The Great Food Truck Race: Season 2 Premiers Tonight [RoamingATL]

Tonight (aka August 14th), the Food Network is set to debut season two of The Great Food Truck Race (10/9c on Sundays).  The street food/food truck themed television show rolled through cities across the country … Read more →

Rattletrap Street Coffee Gets A Video [RoamingATL]

More than a few people have taken notice of Rattletrap Street Coffee.  The mobile outlet for Chambers, Pair & Donchey Coffee Company has a habit of showing up at a lot of the popular street … Read more →

Tex’s Tacos Food Truck To Stay Put … Sort Of [RoamingATL]

Tex’s Tacos, an Atlanta Tex-Mex food truck, is set to open a restaurant (of sorts).  Anyone driving on Roswell Road during off hours (aka non-meal time) near its intersection with Irby Ave. is likely to see … Read more →

The Great Food Truck Race Season 2 Trailer [RoamingATL]

Back in early June, The Great Food Truck Race came storming into Atlanta.  The Food Network’s food truck TV show was filming the penultimate episode of their season two competition.  Well, TFN has just released  the … Read more →

WOW Food Truck: Arepas On Atlanta’s Streets [RoamingATL]

The tale of the WOW Food Truck is a long and sordid tale of murder, intrigue, betrayal, and arepas.  Okay, not so much on the first three, but yes on those Venezuelan corn-cakes.  Wonderlicious on … Read more →

Howell Mill Food Park Review In Pictures [RoamingATL]

Had enough street food news yet? Didn’t think so!  Last Tuesday night was the premier of the Howell Mill Food Park (facebook/twitter), Atlanta’s newest food truck gathering spot.  HM Food Park kicked things off with … Read more →

The Great Food Truck Race: Atlanta Food Review [RoamingATL]

So we’ve already covered the ins and outs of The Great Food Truck Race during their time in Atlanta.  The Lime Truck, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, and the Hodge Podge Truck are all a thing of … Read more →