Mmmmmm…. Krystal Burgers: Homer Simpson Never Had It So Good – Fast Food Restaurant Chain, Atlanta, GA

Overall:[rating:2.5] Fresh, Hot, Small, Square! Homer Simpson has seriously missed out.  I’m sure Krusty Burgers are just fine and all – but the idea that the American icon has been robbed of his chance to … Read more →

Fast Food Gets A Makeover And Goes Fancy On [Laugh Of The Day]

We all know how bad fast food is for us.  We also know how good things can look on TV even if they don’t look good in real life.  In that spirit, a website out … Read more →

Let Everyone Know You Eat At Krystal … errr … White Castle Amps

The gang over at NerdApproved never ceases to amaze me.  Check out these White Castle Amps. [Krystal is the South’s version of WC … ].  Sorry for the lack of content today, but I needed … Read more →