More on Meat: Meat Grades And Explaining Various Cooking Temperatures

The more I eat out, the more surprised I am at the inability for chefs to demonstrate one of the most important, yet basic, aspects of cooking: proper understanding of the cooking temperature of meat. … Read more →

Q: What Do You Get When You Combine Meat With Lasers? A: Business Cards [Meat Cards]

No … this is not a joke, but it should be! Here’s the deal: MeatCards will take beef jerky and sear your contact info on it with a 150 WATT CO2 laser.  Dumb? Absolutely!  Funny … Read more →

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q (BBQ) Restaurant Review – Little Five Points, Atlanta, GA

Overall:[rating:1.5] Folks in these parts tend to have very strong feelings about their barbeque.  I guess that rings true throughout the South.  Whether you find yourself in Kansas City, Memphis, the Baby Blues (Carolina country), … Read more →

Grass Fed Beef Is So 2008. Hello Shmeat [Laugh Of The Day]

While I was knocking out some 9-5 work a few minutes ago, I had last nights Colbert Report playing in the background.  However, my attention quickly moved away from databases and spreadsheets as soon as … Read more →