Top Chef Texas: The Insider’s Guide To Season 9 [TV Shows]

Bravo’s Top Chef TV series is to reality food TV what the Real World is to the genre as a whole.  That is, Top Chef is the longstanding stalwart of the category and the show … Read more →

Top Chef Masters Goes Live On June 10th

Got to love the inbox.  Top Chef Masters, the spin-off show with some serious firepower, is hitting the airwaves on June 10th.  In addition to some awesome contestants [Hubert Keller], impressive judges [Gael Greene], and … Read more →

Want To Be The Next Richard Blais? Get Your Top Chef On! Auditions At Craft Atlanta

Have dreams of unseating Richard Blais as celebrity chef in ATL?  Here is your chance.  Planning for season six of “Top Chef” has kicked into high gear.  In that spirit, they have issued a press … Read more →