Taqueria Del Sol Restaurant Review In Pictures: Chile Rellenos And All – Westside, Atlanta, GA [Quick Hits]

I think it would be presumptuous of me to assume that the majority of the people who happen upon this little love of mine have no idea about Taquería Del Sol.  In that spirit, I … Read more →

Thumbs Up Diner Hits Roswell [Restaurant Openings]

The Thumbs Up Diner, long regarded as one of the better breakfast joints in the city, is getting a spanking new location in the next coming days.  Word around the campfire is that their Roswell … Read more →

Kelly’s Roast Beef: A Review In Clams – Revere, Boston, MA

Another year, another trip to Boston, another visit to Kelly’s Roast Beef.  Like clockwork I am.  Boston, and the surrounding ‘hood, is like a second home to yours truly.  It should be no surprise then … Read more →

Mmmmmm…. Krystal Burgers: Homer Simpson Never Had It So Good – Fast Food Restaurant Chain, Atlanta, GA

Overall:[rating:2.5] Fresh, Hot, Small, Square! Homer Simpson has seriously missed out.  I’m sure Krusty Burgers are just fine and all – but the idea that the American icon has been robbed of his chance to … Read more →

Atlanta Bread Company In Decatur Shuts Down

The economy continues to take prisoners at a vicious rate.  Decatur Metro is reporting that the Atlanta Bread Co. location in Decatur is throwing in the towel.  What a bummer! Technorati Tags: decatur metro,decatur,atlanta bread … Read more →

Chick-Fil-A First 100 Promotion: Almost Worth The Drive To Monroe On March 18

Thanks to an email, I think I have stumbled upon the coolest promotion ever! (Doesn’t it seem like I say that a lot?).  Moving on … Chick-fil-A has a habit of giving away free food … Read more →

Free Mini Brownies At Godiva Chocolatier In Atlanta: Stupid But Free

I’m a little late with the news on this, so I do apologize.  Between now and the 12th of March, all Godiva Chocolatier locations are serving up one free mini brownie to all visitors.  The … Read more →

More Free Burgers … This Time At Ted’s Montana Grill … Too Much Work

Yeah, free food is a good thing.  That said … enough with the burger giveaways.  Ted’s Montana Grill, an Atlanta based restaurant, is getting in on the lameness.  Unfortunately, there is just way too much … Read more →

Arby’s Makes Groundbreaking Announcement: Free Burgers Through March 9

So it is evident that Arby’s fast food chain puts a ton of money into market research.  Apparently, burgers are the in thing.  To promote the addition of three roastburgers to the Arby’s menu, the … Read more →

J. Christopher’s Restaurant Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA

Overall:[rating:0] It’s early AND it’s Saturday AND it’s Valentine’s Day … thus, I’ll be brief.  This morning, I was in midtown, I was hungry, and the nearest thing that wasn’t fast food was J. Christopher’s … Read more →