Chinese/Yixing Pee-Pee Boy Doesn’t Actually Make Your Tea Taste Like Pee [Laugh Of The Day]

If you know me, you know I love tea … particularly Rooibos (pronounced ROY-Boss), keep that in mind as you progress through this rant.  Last night, over a very kick ass glass of Earl Grey … Read more →

Danneman’s Coffee In The Old 4th Ward Upgrades Their Tea Selection

A fanatic tea dude myself … this is some great news.  Danneman’s Coffee Shop in the Old 4th Ward announced that they have added a bunch of loose leaf teas to their beverage list. Included … Read more →

Light Your Next Party With Tea Bags

That’s not a typo people. Korean designer Wonsik Chae has developed a cup of light.  While this stuff is obviously undrinkable, I still think it deserves some mention on a food blog. Basically, this is … Read more →

Rooibos, the Champagne of tea, gets some love! Get it in Atlanta, GA!

I am a huge fan of tea. Anyone who knows me knows it is my beverage of choice. Unfortunately, I rarely make it at home (though I have boxes of tea bags lying around). I … Read more →