Gobbles Up Adam Sah From Google

It’s been roughly a year since I last mentioned  In that time, the site has grown the point where it is now capable of making headlines beyond our little food community.  The site, which … Read more →

Yelp Pushes The Envelope: Augmented Reality iPhone App And Pissing People Off [Tech]

Yelp! can’t avoid trouble for love or money.  It seems like almost everyday, the hugely popular review site finds itself in some sort of public hot water.  Be it lawsuit, business backlash, or even bribery, … Read more →

Foodista Gets Cash, Organizes The International Food Blogger Conference, & Still Fails To Impress

 Foodista is back in the news again.  Last time I checked in, I wasn’t optimistic about the idea of a recipe wiki.  However, a lot has happened in the past few months – but nothing … Read more →

Shared Kitchens In Suwanee, GA Looks Like A Winner

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon  In the spirit of ecological friendliness, I think the idea of a communal kitchen is both practical and cool.  I sent the Julie Farr, the owner, an … Read more →

Got Cash To Burn? Buy Some OpenTable IPO

So OpenTable, everyone’s favorite online reservation system for restaurants (is there a viable alternative?), is going public.  According to TechCrunch, they want to raise $40 million with their IPO.  I will be shocked if that … Read more →