Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand Review – East Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

In a lot of ways, Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand is an all out surprise.  You’ll find Delia’s on a somewhat downtrodden strip of Moreland Ave just south of I20 and roughly a half mile from … Read more →

Young Augustine’s Restaurant Review – Grant Park, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

Grant Park’s Young Augustine’s rose from the ashes of The Standard early this year.  This neighborhood take on the gastro pub is the brainchild of Chris Johnson, owner of The Standard, Andy Gonzales, a well … Read more →

First Impressions: The Book House Pub – Poncey-Highlands, Atlanta, GA

-“Leslie is out of town, want to go get buck crazy?” -“For realz, let’s do it!” Okay, so maybe that isn’t exactly how things transpired; and no, we did not hit the bottle hardcore on … Read more →