Peter Chang Returns To Atlanta, Pit Stop At Tasty China

Peter Chang is easily the most talked about Chinese chef over the past few years to plant a flag in Atlanta.  His work is a thing of legend and is the single biggest reason Tasty … Read more →

Atlanta Cuisine Forums Go Offline … Again

Atlanta Cuisine has gone through a lot of changes over the past few months.  After a number of facelifts, the paper/website seems to have settled in on a look.  However, one of the hot button … Read more → Returns…Sort Of has had a handful of problems with the aforementioned upgrade to their website.  For a few days, the new layout was up and running; but, the forums were down.  Now, the old layout is … Read more →

Carmen Cappello Clears the Air on Lamplighter

Hello readers, I received this email from chef Cappello regarding the recent events that have taken place at Lamplighter.  I really liked what Carmen was trying to do with the space and I cannot wait … Read more →

Update On Lamplighter Cafe…err…. Shame Burger

A few days ago, word spread regarding the fate of Lamplighter Cafe.  Many people, myself included (internal), reported that the restaurant closed due to a robbery on Christmas. Well, it turns out we may have … Read more →