Laugh of The Day: Mr. T’s FlavorWave Oven – I Pity Da Fool

MrT Mr. T isn’t just a pretty face; he’s an actor, a wrestler, a rap artist, and a political commentator (see below).  Maybe lost in the mix are his various culinary endeavors.  I mean, who can forget his delicious Mr. T cereal?  I loved that stuff!

Well, apparently he has a hankerin’ for low fat and delicious cooking!  He’s taking on the almighty George Foreman Grill by sponsoring the FlavorWave Oven.  For three payments of $39.95, this high quality cooking product can be yours.  Hurry up, before Mr. T eats your balls for not ordering one.


Here’s the aforementioned interview with Bill O’Reilly for his controversial Snickers commercial:


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