Rare Soul Tapas Preparing To Reopen

Rare, the “soul tapas” restaurant in midtown, is preparing to reopen inside the next sixty-days.  Though you would never know it by their website, Rare closed down in 2008 due to a fire.  To be honest, this is somewhat of a surprise.  While I always thought the concept was interesting, the location for this place is pretty bad.  They are located on Piedmont just south of Ponce De Leon.  The strip mall they are in houses Aloha and Midtown tavern.  Not exactly a hotspot for culinary genius in that respect.  I am trying to confirm a hard date, and I’ll pass along any info as soon as possible.

Address: 554 Piedmont Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30308 // P: 404.541.0665 // Website // Menu (pdf)

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