Burger Thoughts … Food Near Snellville Elaborates

I’ve been chatting with Food Near Snellville with regards to all things burger related. One thing is an undeniable no no in my book: a spatula should touch your burger two times (AT MOST!) … and two times only.  Once to put the burger on your apparatus of choice … and once to remove it from said cooking thingamajigger.

Amongst several emails back and forth … here is something I shot FNS’s way:

Hmmmm….. i am thinking on this …. most places (even my beloved Holeman & Finch) press their burgers…. why does everyone do this? It’s beyond me …. Houston’s does a pretty good job of keeping their meat as it was meant to be…. Vortex most certainly smushes …. I’m heading over to JOEL for lunch next week … am hoping their burger isn’t pressed.  I’ll get back to you on this after i rack my brain – there are some great burgers in town … but I’m pretty sure [most, if not all] are pressed at some point ….

Well, low and behold … a post popped up today on the topic …  Amongst others, FNS talks about Mark Bittman and his take on flame charred meat … and asks the question … “Are they out there?”  I’m a bit disappointed that I was referred to as affable, I do my best to come across as a pompous jack ass as much as possible! 😉

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