You Have The Right To Remain Glazed: Cops & Doughnuts Really Do Go Together [Laugh Of The Day]

cops_and_doughnutsWhat do you get when you combine cops, doughnuts, and one great sense of humor?  The answer: one heck of business that’s as funny on the soul as it is expansive on the draw string. Personally, I dig it when stereotypes are exploited for the greater good of humor and joy.  Apparently, I’m not alone.

Clare, MI is a small town of roughly 4,000 people.  Normally, it’s not a particularly noteworthy town; however, they’ve recently received a great deal of attention because of the town doughnut shop.

Established in 1896, the Clare City Bakery was as much a part of the town as anything else.  However, times are tough and the CCB fell victim to the economic woes of the day.

Enter the Clare City Police Department, all nine of them.  The nine dudes decided to purchase the failed bakery and reopen it as, you guessed it, “Cops & Doughnuts.”  The newly reworked bakery comes complete with it’s own website AND it’s own merchandise line.

Oh, and while I’d love to take credit for the "You Have the Right to Remain Glazed" bit, it’s not mine.  Fact is, you can get it, or one of several other hilarious catch phrases, on your very own T-Shirt from the Cops & Doughnuts Shameless Commerce Division.


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