Wonderful World Burgers & More Opens In Emory Village

wonderful-world-burger-logo Wonderful World Burgers & More, a chain from those behind Tin Drum Café, has opened in Emory Village.  Unlike some other burger joints to show up Atlanta during the past year, WW seems focused on a more straightforward take on the American classic.  However, I did notice a “teri-mayo” hot dog on the menu (pdf) … so not everything there is plane Jane.  In addition, there are daily specials (which seem to operate on a fixed rotation).  To date, there is a kimchi stew, home-style thai curry, and Chinese braised pork shoulder amongst the selections.

Early reports are that the overgrown slider burgers are half decent.  Seeing as that I am a multi-hour car ride away, it’ll be a while before I get down there.

Wonderful World Burgers & More Restaurant Address & Information

1561 North Decatur Rd, Atlanta, GA, 30307 // 404.373.8887 // Wonderful World Burgers Website // Wonderful World Burgers Menu (pdf)

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