Mac Sauce Is Free: Hello Ghetto Big Mac! [Laugh Of The Day]

As I head off to the gym and then another day of glorious football, I couldn’t help but mention this little jewel.  A recent twitter chat reminded me how few people realize that Mac sauce is free at McDonald’s.  That’s right ladies and gentleman, you can get as many sides of Mac sauce as you like for exactly $0 dollars.

Some years ago, a couple of gents trying to stay ahead of the economic downturn decided to teach people how to order a Ghetto Big Mac!  Thankfully, there is YouTube!  Perhaps my favorite part of the video is right at the end when they drop the traditional foodie term of “Balance!”  Play on playas!

Just make sure that your order doesn’t come with any guns or pot!

Alright, GAME ON!


Buddha … OUT!

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