The Holeman & Finch Hot Dog: One Great Meat Stick [Quick Hits]

h_f_hot_dog Holeman & Finch is my favorite watering hole here in Atlanta, hands down and bar none.  Though I think the food has slipped just a smidge since Adam Biderman bolted for the Big Easy, the drinks are as killer as always and the food is still quite good.  After Biderman departed back in May, Jason Paolini was brought in to run the kitchen.  For all practical purposes, he has made the transition seamless for the patrons.  Yes, I did say the food has slipped a smidge, but I do mean that emphatically.

As expected, the menu has morphed ever so slightly since Paolini’s arrival, and the new additions have gone over quite well.  As Tony continues to put his footprint on the restaurant, the food is gradually returning to normal.

Of the additions, the house made hot dog is far and away the gold medalist.  Ladies and gents, I’ve had hot dogs upon hot dogs upon hot dogs in my lifetime – and this hot dog is breathtakingly awesome.  Mind you, it’s a bit gourmet, as is everything at H&F.  Of hot dogs of this ilk – it might be the best I EVER had.  Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this ground round of beef town has hit my lips only once to date.  It’s possible that this was an aberration, but I seriously doubt it.  After all, I’m not the only one to dig this pup!

Though I’ve read reports of pimento cheese and a few other toppings showing up on the hot dog, the sample presented to me looked very similar to the one pictured (NOT MY PIC).  The most notable change was in the bun itself.  Mine came in a New England style hot dog bun that isn’t easy to find around these parts.  The soft bun, which came courtesy of the gang’s bakery, had a most delicately applied toasting that made it slightly crunchy, yet ultimately soft and fluffy.  The fresh slivers of onion and cut peppers gave this dog a refreshing element.  This brings us to the frank itself.  Though small in stature, a bit into the beef released the wholesome goodness of high quality fat.  Meanwhile, the texture of the meat was superb.  This is no small feat as hot dogs are often considered to be the most difficult of all processing in the meat world.

What’s so surprising to me is that the demur link operates in harmony with the rest of the assembly.  Here, the juices of the hot dog work with the freshness of the condiments and the softness of the bun to complete the bite.  If you are looking for a big, jumbo sized frank … keep moving.  If you’re looking for an elegant bite of decadence … pull up a bar stool.  I can assure you, I have spent a great deal more time writing about the dog than I did eating it.  With the help of LF, we churned through it in less than 90-seconds.

Let us for a moment sit back and appreciate the joyous wonderment that is the Holeman & Finch all beef frank.  As an all to important footnote, the hot dogs are available all hours – so get there early to grab your taste!

Holeman & Finch Public House

2277 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 // 404.948.1175 // H&F website // H&F facebook
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