Martin Yan’s Hong Kong Hits Hulu [Free TV]

Chef Martin Yan is best known for his TV Show Yan Can Cook.  If you’ve ever seen it, you’ll remember Yan for his high-energy performances backed by a thick accent and a happy-go-lucky attitude.  Now, Yan has found his way over to the über awesome site Hulu.  This shopping mall of online TV programming features high-quality feeds of most every popular show (and even some long-lost gems).  Best of all – it’s 100% free!!!! [Technophobes such as myself may have heard that Hulu is moving to a premium only option – this isn’t the case.  They are simply going to offer a premium option].

The show is entitled Martin Yan’s Hong Kong.  As the name implies, each episode, you’ll find Yan visiting some of his favorite Hong Kong restaurants and getting chefs to teach you their favorite recipes.  To wet your whistle, check out this interview with Chef Yan over on the Hulu Blog.

I’ve taken the liberty of embedding one of the episodes here.  However, you’ll find the whole dumpling over on Hulu’s website.

Warning: Watching this show may cause irreversible hunger, itchy stomachs, dreams of giant rice monsters, and a desire to jet set to Hong Kong just as soon as possible.

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