Pizza At Walmart: The Pizza Box Is Surprisingly Sustainable [Sustainability]

Pizza is the hot-button topic of Atlanta’s food scene.  Walmart is the hot-button corporation of the American business scene.  Now, these two have come together for surprisingly pleasant results.  The mega-chain is now a ubiquitous fixture on our country’s landscape, they don’t really take care of their own, and they seem to suck up most any small business … then promptly spit them out.

So while they have a reputation for being the end-all, be-all of corporate greed (next to Enron perhaps), the company should be recognized for the things that they do right.  One of those things is in regards to the all to important issue of sustainability.  Walmart is actually making incredible strides towards being a sustainable organization.

Why the weekend notation here?  Because one of the sustainable items in their cache is their pizza box … and that’s something we should all get behind.  So here’s a little vid that chats up the box … when you’re done watching, you can actually check out all sorts of info from their yearly “Sustainability Milestone Meeting.”

[via kanarick]

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