Time Magazine On The Decline Of Restaurant Critics And The Rise Of Food Bloggers

James Beard Award-winning writer Josh Ozersky has scribed a very interesting piece for Time Magazine on the cosmic shift in the world of media.  Specifically focused on his area of expertise (that of the restaurant critic and food), Ozersky’s blurb was inspired by the recent exit of Raymond Sokolov from his post at the Wall Street Journal.

Ozersky, who is perhaps best known for writing The Hamburger: A History, goes on to lament the decline of the restaurant critic as a viable job option in this new world and often points to a good bit of rhetoric in identifying the cause of this decline.  I have my own thoughts on the transition of the media as it pertains to the world of food, and perhaps I’ll pen something on that topic in the near future.

While it’s a bit of a pot shot on where things are and where things are going, the article (entitled Decline of Food Critics), is worth checking out.  Before you head over, you can also check out a little more on Josh in this ABC interview:

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