Eli Kirshtein Rumored To Be Taking Over Repast Space [Breaking News]

Richard Blais of FLIP Restaurant + Eli Kirshtein of ENO Restaurant

Eli Kirshtein, one of Atlanta’s handful of Top Chef alums, appears to be on the verge of making a big splash.  Word around the campfire (translation: not finalized) is that Kirshtein is set to take over the old Repast space at 620 Glen Iris Drive, which sits on the edges of Poncey-Highlands and Old 4th Ward.

You might remember when Besha Rodell broke the news about Repast’s demise, which came just a few weeks after co-owner Joe Truex left to helm the kitchen at Decatur’s Watershed restaurant.  In the month since, a number of rumors have surfaced as to the future for the Repast location.  This one seems to have some real legs … though again … it’s not finalized.

When last we heard from Kirsthein, he was on his way to New York City to serve as a stagiaire at Solo Restaurant.  After spending the early part of this year working at the kosher restaurant, Kirshtein hopped around a bit … I believe he spent some time in Israel.  The mystery continued when ENO (Eli’s restaurant of choice during his Top Chef time) closed.  It left many of us wondering what was in store for the young knife slinger.

If this is indeed the case, it will be interesting to see how the concept develops.  This will be the first venture for Kirsthein, a padawan of celebrity chef Richard Blais.  More on this as it develops.

PICTURE CREDIT: Kirshtein (right) appears at a cooking demo with Blais. [courtesy SavoryExposure.com]

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