Deadwood Saloon Opens In Old Twisted Taco Space [Openings]

With the opening of Deadwood Saloon at 66 12th St NE, the Crescent Ave restaurant strip just got a little more crowded (again).  Deadwood has moved into the space that formerly housed Twisted Taco and opened with an attempt to bring something “unique” to Atlanta.  Strip away the cow-covered chairs, Captain Morgan statue, and kitschy thematics, what you have is a bar hiding out as a restaurant. 

The layout of the space is essentially the same; however, the patio out front is a little more refined and there is now an upstairs deck.  The latter might have been there before, but I was never sober during previous visits to the space to confirm or deny that.  So far, the menu looks like a mish-mash of funkified Tex-Mex and basic American food.  Details after I sample it.  The website is up, but still getting filled in.

Deadwood Saloon Restaurant Address & Information
66 12th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30361 // 404.671.4290 // Deadwood website // Deadwood menu // Deadwood on facebook

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