Teh-Tarik: Tea + Roller Skates + Chatuchak Market = Awesomeness [Street Food]

The Chatuchak Market (wiki) in Bangkok makes any one of our weekend farmers markets seem Smurf like in size.  At roughly 35 acres large, you’re bound to see some awesome things at Chatuchak.  Case in point: this dude making tea anti-gravity style.  Cool huh?

It’s actually called Teh-Tarik, which translates to “pulled tea.”  The concoction is a mixture of black tea and condensed milk and is made by pouring the tea from one mug into a another.  Basically, this is how you would make tea if you worked for Cirque Du Soleil.

However, the fancy preparation method isn’t just art for the fart.  It’s functional as well.  The continued pour helps mix the ingredients, cool the piping hot tea, and bring out the aroma.  Anywho … witness:

I suppose this is a bit of a neener neener post as I don’t actually know of any place in Atlanta making this. Any tipsters got the goods, I’ve searched long and hard for it.  Oh yeah, this seems like a great time to mention one of my favorite blogs: Light Snacks Will Be Served.  Dude gets mad props for his Thai themed blog.  Check it out!

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