Crazy Taco Video [Laugh of The Day]

So since my camera was out of my possession for a little bit (thus preventing me from getting pictures from recent days) and since I’m still working on my Marea post to attach to these pictures, I fill up the world wide web with more noise.  here’s a freaky taco meme (rhymes with cream and means internet fad in short), it’s an oldie, it’s been around, and there really isn’t anything redeemable or inherently funny about it.  Turn down your speakers [but not all the way] while you glare at your screen in the hopes that your laser beam eye site is somehow directed at me. while you stand there, feel free to steam over my complete lack of regard for spell check and punctuation and then wish for the 3:47seconds of your life you want back (1:02 on the video below and the balance to read this).  hope to be back later with a review

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