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Craft Izakaya

If you spend any time looking at my instagram feed, you’ll notice a number of pictures from Craft Izakaya, a Krog Street Market Japanese eatery. You might also have noticed that all of my Craft pictures come post-7pm. Logic would follow that this is on account of the fact that Craft has been a dinner-only restaurant since its inception.

However, starting Tuesday March 24th, Craft will be open for lunch service from 11:30a-5pm. While the sushi bar will be closed until dinner time, lunch service will consist of eight fully functional bento boxes. At 2:00pm, the restaurant will scuttle the bento boxes in favor of yakitori offerings from the restaurant’s charcoal grille.

Lunch will run $13.95 and includes miso soup, rice, veg. tempura, and seaweed salad. The eight bento box options cover the gambit of the culinary diet, so vegetarians need not worry. Included in the lineup you’ll find the following options:

  1. Chicken Teriyaki
  2. Beef Teriyaki ($3 supplement)
  3. Tonkatsu
  4. Oyster Katsu
  5. Geso Karaage
  6. Saba Shioyaki
  7. Agedashi Tofu
  8. Veg. Teriyaki

So there you have it – if you find yourself down at the bustling Krog St. Market during lunching hours, you’ll have another option to choose from.

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