The NCAA Tournament (Food) Champion

Every March, prognosticators, sports fanatics, and seemingly every other person with even the faintest interest in the NCAA basketball tournament fills out a bracket. People will use everything from video game simulations to mascot battles … Read more →

What I Learned Cooking For A Michelin Chef

Part 1: How A Michelin Chef Ended Up At My Table My path to full-fledged food addict has been somewhat subversive. By that I mean that during my earliest years, I rarely took note of … Read more →

Essential Blog Tools For Foodies (And Everyone Else Too)

Even though this website is just a little online food journal, I try to publish blog posts regularly.  Thanks to a handful of blog tools, I’m able to publish content pretty efficiently.  These various software … Read more →

Your Awww That’s So Sweet Thanksgiving Moment

Sweet Thanksgiving moments have been marginalized by media entanglements and free market politics.  So it’s extremely compelling to find moments of thanks derived from type of honesty you find in young children. A very lovely … Read more →

Late Night Fast Food Runs: A Dangerous Proposition

While perusing my community message board this past morning, I stumbled across this particular exchange.  Is it something y’all are dying to read?  Probably not – in fact, this may be a complete and total … Read more →

In Search of Feedback: New Rating System

It’s been eons since I’ve doled out any stars (which are about to look like Buddha statues pretty soon anyway *wink*).  There are a myriad of reasons why I haven’t rated any place recently but … Read more →

I’ve Got 87 Problems But A Meal Ain’t One

I’m baaaaaack.  After five cities, six stops, roughly 25 days, about 87 restaurants, and approximately 3,500 food photos, I snuck back into Atlanta early Wednesday morning.  My head is spinning.  My stomach is at capacity.  … Read more →

45 Down & Who Knows How Much To Go

So that’s three cities and approximately 45 restaurants in 10 days (and no I don’t eat breakfast).  I’ve got three more stops (SEA>POR>SEA) and another 13 days before my feet touch down in Jaw-juh.  In … Read more →

Restaurant Websites: When the Carpet Doesn’t Match The Drapes

I was recently poking around the web when, for no reason in particular, I ended up on the website for Elmyr, a Tex-Mex cantina in Little Five Points.  Even if you’ve never set foot inside … Read more →

Thinking, Learning, & Loving Food

The farther down this road I go, the more and more I realize how important the education process is.  As such, I’ve added a new page.  It’s called Lessons In Food.  It’s ridiculously thin right … Read more →