Super Mario Brothers Cake [Bowser!]

While I’m not a big desserts fan, I do love creative cakes as much as the next person.  Example #3,287: this great looking Super Mario Brothers cake.  Made by cmbooher, this was actually a birthday … Read more →

Dwight Schrute Cake [That’s What She Baked]

Rainn Wilson never looked so delicious.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Cari Barocas gives you Dwight Cake Schrute … in the batter: Yes, ‘round these parts the dear Barocas is The Mad Batter and Mix Master B … Read more →

Pie Cake: Cherpumple Pie [Laugh Of The Day]

A little treat before I sit down to watch Top Chef in preparation for this weeks What Ingredient Was That? Here we have a three-layer pie/cake filled with cherry, pumpkin, and apple pie.  Better known … Read more →

Sugar Sugar Says: “Let Them Eat Cake”

I’d like to think that I do a pretty good job of discovering cool things around the Atlanta food scene.  However, when I stumble upon someone who has roughly twice the following than I do, … Read more →

Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters [Sexified]

I love strange crap and this may be the strangest of all the crap I’ve found (at least crap related to food).  Anywho … what better way than to show your lady that you love … Read more →

Pie or Cake? Pick your poison!

A recent article over at discusses the benefits of choosing pie (as opposed to cake) when selecting your dessert of choice.  I am not much of a desert man myself; however, this still begs … Read more →