Tortillas’ Long Lost Burrito Recipe [Hits From The Past]

With the recent opening of Bell Street Burritos in Westside, people are again eulogizing Tortillas, Atlanta’s original burrito joint.  After shutting their doors in 2003, but before they set off into the sunset, Tortillas bequeathed … Read more →

Bell Street Burritos Review: Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat At Willy’s

The rise of the fast-casual restaurant, including the new Westside Atlanta location of Bell Street Burritos, owes a great deal to the burrito.  This Tex-Mex tradition is perhaps the burger of that fused cuisine.  Like … Read more →

Guess Why His Dinner Was Free At Raging Burrito?

A few points of clarification: I have no idea which Raging Burrito this came from, so don’t immediately think it came from the one in Decatur … unless you consider the fact that the only … Read more →

One Cafe And Yoeshi (Probably) Set To Open In Downtown Atlanta [Openings]

Two establishments, one building, and one curious story.  That’s the deal with two new eateries going in at Renaissance Walk, a struggling (aka foreclosed) downtown condominium complex just a few steps from Georgia State.  One … Read more →

Willy’s Super Secret Agents Infiltrate Panchero’s Fortress Of Steel

So tonight, I ventured down to the Panchero’s on W. Peachtree and Ivan Allen.  In case you didn’t hear, they were serving up $1 burritos.  I’m not really gonna “review” the place.  But to give … Read more →

Chipotle Mobile Comes… Chipotle Mobile Goes. iPhone App Goes Buh Bye

A few days ago, Chipotle, the [used to be] McDonalds owned burrito joint, launched Chipotle Mobile Ordering [App Store – now dead], an iPhone app that allowed people to order from their mobile phones.  While … Read more →