Coffee Art: Hipster Batman

Coffee Art is pretty sweet.  Granted, I’m not a bean fiend.  I don’t mocha latte’s, I don’t grande espressos, and I most certainly do not look the hipster part.  Yet cool is cool and this … Read more →

Octane Coffee Eastside Opens In Emory Village

On Thursday, I made another one of my near daily stops over at Octane Coffee.  While there, I was informed of the good news.  After months and months of waiting, the wildly popular coffee shop … Read more →

More May Openings: Village Cafe, Emerald Coast Coffee, & Bistro In A Box All Get Dirty

April showers bring May restaurant openings?  Sure … sounds good to me.  Remember to check the May Dirty List for the most up to date information. Village Cafe In Smyrna So this one is confusing … Read more →

Danneman’s Coffee In The Old 4th Ward Upgrades Their Tea Selection

A fanatic tea dude myself … this is some great news.  Danneman’s Coffee Shop in the Old 4th Ward announced that they have added a bunch of loose leaf teas to their beverage list. Included … Read more →

Noon Midtown – Midtown Atlanta, GA: New Gourmet Sandwich Shop To Open Next Month

So in what has become a daily routine, I poked around the web a few days ago only to come across the website for Noon Midtown.  The menu will include Counter Culture coffee, pastries, breakfast … Read more →

Octane Rocks The Southeast Regional Barista Competition

So for those of you that did not visit the SRBC (internal) this past weekend, here is all you need to know: Octane! I don’t drink coffee on anything close to a regular basis (maybe … Read more →

Southeast Regional Barista Competition This Weekend At King Plow / Stop In At Octane Coffee

Though you wouldn’t know it from their website, the Southeast Regional Barista Competition (SRBC) is this weekend.  Amongst all the blurb about this – one factor reigns supreme: IT’S FREE! So for all of you … Read more →

Carroll Street Cafe Restaurant Review – Cabbagetown, Atlanta, GA

From the archives (12.08.08) Overall:[rating:.5] So I promised the gang that I would give them their 15-minutes and include them in a review.  So here you go guys and gals – this one is for … Read more →