Coffee Art: Hipster Batman

batman coffee picture

Coffee Art is pretty sweet.  Granted, I’m not a bean fiend.  I don’t mocha latte’s, I don’t grande espressos, and I most certainly do not look the hipster part.  Yet cool is cool and this is indeed cool.  While, I’m not actually in any position to talk about Fremont Coffee Company in Seattle (cuz I didn’t try anything), I can still laude their baristas!

Fremont Coffee operates out of a little cottage and their coffee concoctors are putting out some totally awesome coffee art.  Having never stared down the barrel of one of their coffee mugs, I didn’t actually realize this until I looked at the flickr set for Chrissy May, who handles all of Fremont Coffee’s pictures.

Freemont Coffee has a chill vibe and people seem to enjoy their brew, but remember: I didn’t taste it.  Show up anyway because even if tastes like crap (which I’m sure it doesn’t) you may score yourself some really cool coffee to stare at.  For those of you looking to taste this tuff … you can mail order it over on the Fremont Coffee web store.

For example, if Batman isn’t your speed … perhaps you fancy yourself a fan of the Dark Side.  So seek enlightenment through Vader …

darth vader coffee art

Personally, I’m more inclined to go with the Swiss.  So instead of going Dark Side or Light Side, my primary fondness extends to the always for hire Fett man.  Thankfully, Mayor snapped a shot of Boba Fett.

boba fett cofee

And speaking of intergalactic nerddom, Madame May was kind enough to grand me the serenity to show this stuff off – so consider this your notice: don’t steal her pictures you nerf herders.  Find her on twitter via @CloverMay and look at her portfolio website.  Oh, and Fumi, sorry gal – I think I just made it that much harder for you to get off the black stuff.

Fremont Coffee Company Address & Information

459 N. 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103 · view map
206.632.3633· · mail order coffee
Cuisine: Coffee · Price Range: $
@FremontCoffee · facebook

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