Highland Bakery

Fried chicken + benedict w @chickerbp @highlandbakery1 #Breakfast #InmanPark via Instagram: http://bit.ly/1DVGbuG

Nam Phuong

Can’t go wrong w/ shaken beef #Vietnamese #FoodPorn #Foodstagram #Instafood via Instagram: http://bit.ly/1H9TPh9

Atlas Restaurant :: Dry-Aged New York Strip

35-Day Dry-Aged New York Strip :: Red wine braised wagyu, spinach leeks, poached egg, mornay, tarragon jus, home style potatoes #WorthEveryPenny @atlasrestaurant via Instagram: http://bit.ly/1BwB0QA

Oyster from @AtlasBuckhead :: @islandcreekoysters dressed w. cucumber tea & grapefruit #Oysters

via Instagram: http://bit.ly/1JQMNPW

Concrete Wine: It Tastes Sooo Good [Laugh of the Day]

A fine wine might impart images of palatial estates and smells of aromatic fruits and spices.  It might offer a demonstrative mid-palate and a finish of rich chocolates.  Then again, it might remind you of … Read more →

Coffee Art: Hipster Batman

Coffee Art is pretty sweet.  Granted, I’m not a bean fiend.  I don’t mocha latte’s, I don’t grande espressos, and I most certainly do not look the hipster part.  Yet cool is cool and this … Read more →

Just A Hilarious Burrito Sign

I’ll be back in full form soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious “in queso trouble, pray to cheesus” sign. [via reddit]

Meanwhile In Asia [Laugh of the Day]

Superman Pizza Slice

Superman’s weakness may be kryptonite and now my weakness may be a slice of pepperoni pizza.  Ladies and Germs – I present to you, the Superman Slice!!!  Check out all the delicious food porn on … Read more →

Just Some Cupcakes … That Look Like Muppets

Witness, a dozen of the best Muppet cupcakes I’ve seen.  One can only wonder if these taste as delicious as they look.  Sadly, the Swedish Chef is nowhere to be found!  Still, these rock: In … Read more →