Four Seasons’ Park 75 Restaurant Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

Hotel dinning can be the ultimate example of the slippery slope.  On the one hand, many of the best chefs end up running those kitchens, so you get top notch talent.  On the other hand, … Read more →

Chef Robert Gerstenecker Of Park 75: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #11

For the past 5-plus years, chef Robert Gerstenecker has helmed the kitchen at Park 75, the flagship restaurant of the Four Seasons in Midtown.  In addition to being an acclaimed fine dining spot, the restaurant … Read more →

Chef Cyrille Holota Of Joel Brasserie: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #5

Something tells me that Cyrille Holota had no idea what was in store for him some years ago.  In the mid-90s, Holota was racking up quit the resume.  After cooking at several different Michelin winning … Read more →

Johnny’s Bar Restaurant Review – West Side, Cleveland, OH [Out Of Town]

Overall:[rating:3] Tucked away in a somewhat downtrodden area of town, Johnny’s Bar in Cleveland, which serves food from Northern Italy, appears to be an institution.  The restaurant, which has operated under a couple of names … Read more →

Reminder: Pano’s & Paul’s Open Until The End Of February

Despite their initial intentions to close up shop on Valentine’s day, P&P has extended their self-imposed stay of execution until the end of February.  I am not sure what their availability looks like; you should … Read more →