Grow! Trailer [Food Films]

I like movies, so much so that I call them films.  I’ve made a few (college shorts here people – not Citizen Kane), helped out on a few (Luke Skywalker did leave his pants in … Read more →

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress [Documentaries]

Ferran Adrià is a culinary god.  El Bulli is his muse. El Bulli: Cooking in Progress is a newish documentary that attempts to surmise in film what so many have praised as the best culinary … Read more →

Forks Over Knives Documentary Coming To Atlanta [Film]

  In what is sure to raise a few eyebrows and ruffle a few feathers, a new documentary by the name of Forks Over Knives is set to hit the big screen.  In the vein … Read more →

Bitter Feast: Food Blogging Is A Dangerous Hobby [Movies]

It’s nice to know I have friends in this world.  One such concerned citizen (aka DatealiciousATL) was kind enough to send me this little warning.  Ever wonder what happens when a blogger goes too far?  … Read more →

Documentary On Baristas In The Works? [Film]

Y’all remember that post on the South East Barista Competition … right?  To catch you up if you didn’t: * Barista is that fancy name for the person who makes your coffee (or tea) * … Read more →

Food, Inc. Hits The Dirty South [Film]

Riding the craze that “mass produced food is by default … evil,” a new film has gotten the attention of movie buffs and foodies alike.  Knee deep in both camps, I’ve been following this film … Read more →

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Trailer

Food isn’t my only hobby.  In college, I minored in Film & Video; therefore, it follows that I must know all there is to know about the topic (err… right).  Anyway, back here in reality, … Read more →


Okay my fellow foodies, this should be good.  Sirio Maccioni, the famed restaurateur and author, founded Le Cirque in 1974.  If you have not heard of this restaurant, just poke around on the net for … Read more →