Food, Inc. Hits The Dirty South [Film]

Riding the craze that “mass produced food is by default … evil,” a new film has gotten the attention of movie buffs and foodies alike.  Knee deep in both camps, I’ve been following this film for some time.  The main premise of Food, Inc. is that chemically modified food can (and does) do serious damage to our overall health.  A little bit gross out along with a dash of anti-government authority, and you have another fairly liberal take on the food industry.  You can learn more about the film on their homepage.

My biggest hope for this is that there is some recognition of the value of mass produced, cheap and edible food.  I, like any human with a heart, want to see things done right.  But let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.  Remember, there have been some pretty good arguments for low cost food.

Still, we do need to fix things … so it’s nice to see director Robert Kenner pick up the torch (even if it is a big propagandist in nature).  The film features interviews with Michael Pollan, amongst others.

Launch date is Friday, June 19th and the film will show for at least one week and it is playing at the Midtown Art Cinema.  You will be able to get your tickets online (here), but not until Monday or Tuesday.  So, bookmark that link and go check out the film.  In the meantime, you may want to watch the the trailer (movie speak for preview):

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