Breaking News: Murphy-Goode Picks Hardy Wallace For Wine Social Media Job

This is the saddest news I’ve ever had to break!  Sir Hardy of Wallace, known around these bits as Dirty South Wine, is leaving us (at least temporarily).  Thanks in large part to community support, … Read more →

All Dirty, All The Time: Atlanta Wine Blogger Hardy Wallace Has Dun Blowed Up

Anyone else think I’ve shoved Hardy Wallace down your throats?  Even if the answer is yes … why don’t you sip on this a bit.  Hardy can now be found on the AJC (here care … Read more →

Go Go Hardy Go!!!!

In the last 24-hours, Hardy Wallace [of Dirty South Wine and Goode To Be First fame] has pulled an Inspector Gadget and surged into first place in the quest for his dream job.  Some 25 … Read more →

HELP: Kick A Blogger Out Of Atlanta Before June 19

Ladies and Gents, we have a situation on our hands.  A man by the name of Hardy Wallace thinks it’s Goode To Be First. That greedy bastard, a.k.a. Mr. Wallace, more commonly referred to round … Read more →