LottaFrutta In Inman Park: Atlanta Sub & Sandwich Tour #14

So yesterday was LottaFrutta; that quirky and offbeat food stop down in the Old 4th Ward/Inman Park.  A self-proclaimed fruit house and market, it translates into a fruit bar with sandwiches and salads.  Their style … Read more →

I’m A Whole Lotta Wrong About LottaFrutta

Atlanta’s Queen of the Blogs has confirmed that LottaFrutta is indeed still open.  Not sure why they didn’t pick up the phone when I called a couple of times… but alas – head over without … Read more →

LottaFrutta In Inman Park Temporarily Closed (I Think)

So a good friend informed me today that LottaFrutta seems to be temporarily down for the count.   I ate lunch there a little over a week ago and I’m not surprised.  Apparently, the hiatus is … Read more →

The Atlanta Sub & Sandwich Tour: Sandwich Shop Stops And The Quest For Atlanta’s Best

Sandwich Shop Stops: quick, say that again three times!  So after a LOT of research, I have come up with a list of 20 spots to visit.  Two places that I want to try are … Read more →