MF Omakase Room at MF Buckhead [Splurges]

Patrons of all sorts debate the value of a meal at MF Buckhead, Atlanta’s most shi-shi sushi spot.  Together with MF Sushi Bar and MF Omakase Room, Chris Kinjo’s restaurants are the easiest way to … Read more →

On The Burner: Myung Ga Won And Omakase At MF Buckhead

Yesterday was a culinary gold medal for me.  First up was lunch at Myung Ga Won, one of the best Korean barbecue joints in the city.  Dinner was an off the hook meal at MF … Read more →

Kessler Visits The Omakase Room At MF Buckhead – Sushi Fans Salivate

John Kessler, one of Atlanta’s more well known foodies, recently took a trip to the much discussed omakase room at MF Buckhead.  For those unfamiliar, MF restaurants are known around town as much for their … Read more →