The Pasta Fork: When A 2,000 Year Old Invention Isn’t Good Enough

Ladies and Germs, I present to you the pasta fork, otherwise known as “Things that make me sad for the future of humanity.”  Thank you Bob! Um … enjoy … I guess: [vvvv via BuzzFeed]

Sports And Spaghetti Sauce: Malcolm Gladwell And Howard Moskowitz just published a long article with Bill Simmons and Malcolm Gladwell.  Gladwell, a sociologist by trade, spends a lot of time talking about pop culture and the like.  Seeing that article reminded me of … Read more →

Recipe: The Ultimate Goodfellas Meatball

Ah … the meatball!  Make no mistake, this staple of every Italian chef’s arsenal comes in many varietals.  You can go Mediterranean and make kofta … Danish folk make frikadeller … and my Indonesian friend … Read more →